Social Media Networking – Have You Heard?

So what does this mean?
Well,. for starters.. get more fans!

It actually affirms the notion most of us have about what a Facebook page for your business is worth, but what that doesn’t say is the actual stores that are popping up on Facebook daily. Also, we cannot be meek or vague when it comes to any type of Social Media Networking.. often the only means of common reputation management.

So what did we learn?

If we take the same model and apply our knowledge of Facebook traffic, and website traffic, one begins to wonder.. am i thinking backwards? should i be using my website, as a meer landing page for my Facebook business page? and direct visitors there instead? FMBL has expanded to accommodate stores, information outlets, information newsletter sign-up and on.. and on. and the numbers for actual daily visits around the globe are in the millions, and not just for a minute or two, it’s for hours.. it is the place to get recommendations & visits from people who will read the latest actions of a wall and see if the comments are recent, and whether they can engage with you and get singled out? or just blend.. <- tip.. make sure your wall is full of stuff and the integration is with a number of people,.

Curious What The Most Expensive Keywords In Google’s Adwords Are?


Google AdWords works by bidding for maximizing profits, where the advertisers take part in an auction of keywords for top ad placement. As top ad placement could lead to possible extra clicks. The minimum bid one can make is 5 cents. And as Larry Kim points out, “Google can make up to $50 per click. Despite a diversified product portfolio, advertising on Google sites accounts for the majority of its billions in annual revenue.”

A statement made by Google’s Chief Economist back in September 2009 can perhaps prove as a justification on Google’s part for warning its users about the cost implications, “Your incremental cost per click is how much extra you are paying, on average, for the extra clicks you are getting from your higher bid. When your value per click is higher than your incremental cost per click it makes sense to increase your bid. On the other hand, if your value per click is lower than your incremental cost per click, you probably want to decrease your bid.” I guess, you can’t blame Google solely for the revenue they generate as result of the price we end up paying. If you’ve evaluated bidding highly and $50 per click is going to profit you then its your decision. Google starts the bid at an affordable 5 cent, its your competitors you need to blame for hiking the bid price and not Google.

In addition to that, whilst these industries are ending up paying high sum for their CTC’s an important point to note is, these industries have a dedicated customer traffic inflow. So, these businesses in principle do not mind paying such high value sums. So, who’s to be blamed? Certainly, not Google.
With the increase in the competition, will mean added fight over key words. So, the future looks good for Google as key words will get increasingly more expensive.

Do we Actually Need Social Media?

Social media has enough guru’s!

What with the Social Media thing anyway?! – It’s just an another way to get traffic.. isn’t it?

Who requires visitors anyway? All these mindless consumers following Twitter and Facebook .. they’d just suck up bandwidth of your site! There is plenty of advertising and marketing, directory submissions PPC and the like to drive traffic to your website. Don’t be a sheeple people!

You CAN get visitors without social media or networking!

Can’t keep up?
Twitter and Facebook have been confirmed to generate leads. But what will happen if you have a robust social media campaign? What if you get tons of leads? No… do not be concerned about it. You have far more to do then you can take care of!

You can’t afford it anyway!

Everybody talks about the “affordability” of social media, but accomplishment never comes affordable. Why, even if you have a social media marketing strategy, it will take an hour perhaps two every single morning to implement. – that is.. unless you use platforms like Hootsuite or Socialoomph to track campaigns..

You don’t have to have feedback, lead generation tactics, SEO or Marketing! – you are just fine!

The only thing you need to have to be concerned with is about how consumers view your solutions, services or small business right? So what! if you can get immediate feedback from social media networks? Who needs that? Nobody wants like to hear about how their home business, consumer service, items or services can be enhanced. And anyway, improvement is very overrated. There is a thing to be mentioned for “old school”.. or “I Like My Way!”

Your site is ranking on at least the third page of Google?! Right?!?

Just because social marketing is an important tool for search engines to align you with topics and content .. doesn’t mean it has to be a crucial tool for you! Right?! If you’re on the third page of the Google, and that number one spot isn’t that useful. It only gains about 36% of the visitors for that search! I mean when people talk in social circles, they talk about relationships and friendships. Your personal life is NOT a business enterprise! You are in business to make money, not friends.

If you have a good product, and word will get out on its very own. Aside from that, what can you say in 140 characters or less that you can’t say when someone asks you what you sell?

You know how much weight we put on social media and networking: a lot. Social media marketing is an inexpensive, somewhat uncomplicated way to drive targeted visitors to your web site and achieve leads.

So if someone brings up social networks and asks why they need to use it,. don’t forget the all-crucial sarcastic remark. Why not?

Then, tell them about Purple Turtle Productions Social Media Packages.. we’ll set them straight.

Google +1 is starting to take off..

Consider for a minute how having a few hundred “Like”s on a page in a few short days could have a “Going Viral” feel to it.. and the search engines take notice.. i mean,. how else are they going to know if something big is starting to happen.. but.. how easily the Facebook “Like?”s can be manipulated, and how would a search engine be able to sort out the good from the bad .. unless .. they ..

You Guessed it!

The Search Engine Monolith would naturally begin their own “+1″ system.. something that can be a little more.. authentic.

The Vital Factors of Website Traffic Analysis – Article

An analysis of website traffic may be difficult but they will prove to be of more valuable to you. But before you start your analysis, you first have to understand how to interpret the data being presented.

Many web hosting companies can give you with basic web traffic information that you have to understand and make use of. But then, the data you are getting from your host company can appear too hard to handle if you do not understand how to apply it to your particular business and website.

These statistics are probably the most precise assessment of how your website is thriving. Thinking that your website is performing well just by looking at your traffic is the most common misconception anywebsite owner can make.

What you need to understand is how your visitors are doing once they visited your site. This is how you can accurately distinguish if your site is effective or not.

Differentiate hits from quality website traffic.

Hits. This is basically the number of requests taken in by the server. If you think that a hit is equals to the number of graphics per page, then you are thinking wrong.

These hits are not really effective tools in analyzing website traffic.

Your interpretation would be more accurate once you see the number of visitors that are coming in your website.

On the same note.

Your analysis will be more precise once you have achieved a great number of website traffic.

But once you are not getting large numbers of website visitors, the more your analysis will be misinterpreted.

The purpose of website traffic analysis.

The main purpose of the statistics is to work out how well or how badly your site is working for your visitors. An ideal ways of trying of knowing is to find out the time your visitor spends on your site.

If they stayed for a only a short period of time, assume that there is a problem there somewhere. Now your goal is to find out what that problem is. You have to know why your visitors did not stay long to check out your site. What made them left hastily?

This is one thing to be considered. Maybe the keywords that you have used in the search engines are getting you not the targeted visitors that you wanted. Or it may be what is in your site. Maybe what the visitors have seen have turned them off so fast they choose to leave. This could be the graphics, fonts or any other visible aspects that you have used in your site.

Keywords are important aspects in bringing quality visitors to your site who are prepared to get or buy what you have to offer. Close analysis of the keywords your visitors are using to find your site will give you a vital understanding of your visitor’s needs and motivations.

Try to get to the bottom of this problem. When you have pinpointed what it is, work out a solution so that the same problem will not be encountered again. You can test your new findings and see if they have resulted well. Are your visitors staying for some time now?

This is where website traffic analysis will help you the most. Sometimes, you get to believe that you have a page that is doing well. But then, you noticed that your visitors do not find it so.

You can try and make changes to that page. Take the links, for example. Make them more visible and more catching so your visitors have more tendency to click on that. You could also make an improvement on your page. Remove clutters. Visitors do not want to feel claustrophobic. Make your page accessible for them.

When you notice that your visitors are staying more on the page that you do not give much focus about, you may consider checking that page out and moving all your major products and services on that specific page.

As you have noticed, website traffic analysis can give out essential information about how well or how poor your site is performing.  This is a crucial factor that any online business will not do without if they want to maintain the effectiveness of their site.