Not only for preventing DDos attacks .. spam bots .. harvesters .. omg the list goes on and on..

If you need to have an SSL connection they make it easy and i think they do it for you.. if you get a pro account.. if not.. your kinda on your own. I ran into a little confusion when i was trying to bypass Cloudflair using an SSL in a subdomain. They say you can do it.. but don’t really tell you how..

Assuming your all set up.. -> Websites
settings dropdown -> DNS settings
the page will reload
scroll to the bottom and in the first colums select CNAME (alias)
second column place your subdomain name ( would be “accounts” only)
in the third column put the rest of the domain  ( would be “” only)
leave the TTL as automatic (time-to-live equates to literally the time until fully propagated and should be left at automatic)
after the thing says “verifying” it will appear in the CNAME list as shown in the example.. just make sure the cloud is grey!