So what does this mean?
Well,. for starters.. get more fans!

It actually affirms the notion most of us have about what a Facebook page for your business is worth, but what that doesn’t say is the actual stores that are popping up on Facebook daily. Also, we cannot be meek or vague when it comes to any type of Social Media Networking.. often the only means of common reputation management.

So what did we learn?

If we take the same model and apply our knowledge of Facebook traffic, and website traffic, one begins to wonder.. am i thinking backwards? should i be using my website, as a meer landing page for my Facebook business page? and direct visitors there instead? FMBL has expanded to accommodate stores, information outlets, information newsletter sign-up and on.. and on. and the numbers for actual daily visits around the globe are in the millions, and not just for a minute or two, it’s for hours.. it is the place to get recommendations & visits from people who will read the latest actions of a wall and see if the comments are recent, and whether they can engage with you and get singled out? or just blend.. <- tip.. make sure your wall is full of stuff and the integration is with a number of people,.