Professional SEO Services

“What the Hell is SEO?” and “what can you guys do to put me in Google?!.. I just don’t see it.”
I get these questions so often i post it in emails..

I have a blog with LOTS of Plugins to “SEO” my site..
I don’t understand why my site isn’t in the results yet.

I got my site up to the third page, at stayed there for a while (6 months or so) i though it just takes time right?
then it was gone! It’s been a week now and I’m getting worried I did something. Can you have a look?

or my very favorite:
My site is one the first page for all the keywords I’m targeting,. but my traffic volume is like I’m not even there!

SEO isn’t tied to what the topics are on your page, or the variety of videos and social bookmarks you have out there.
If there’s no-one searching for it , there’s one to see it..  it may as well not be there.