Affordable Pricing

Since i don’t have a big cushy office on Robson Street, and i don’t own a high-rise, or rent a glass corner office in a big office buildings in Vancouver, or have a bunch of excess overhead with receptionists and big salaries,.. I can afford give you products and services that would cost you many thousands of dollars, for a fraction of the price.

I remember the very first program i ever wrote. it was in 1985. I was in Robs room on his Commodore 64. We were making the screen do all kinds of cool stuff like change colors.. scroll text and make a 3D ball move around the screen. i think i was in grade 7. what had dawned on me in the following days were all the things i can make this computer do. what can i make it say? a few months later i was sitting in the back of Mrs Wollard English class on one of the only computers in the school trying to make a form that would later be our examination paper. I’m not saying i was the first.. but i was on them 🙂

During my young adult period i had the privilege of attending one of Canada’s only military schools Robert Land Academy. Noting that there is a common joke among the military academics in which the public school system fails the youth of our nation by making them even more dumb than they already are.. i had first hand experience as to why. one of the courses there had “computers” as the course name. What it taught me was the logic of programming for binary.. yes .. the ones and zeros. forming patterns in binary causes an unlimited ( well its 233,233,612,446,122.12) possible combinations of data that can be used to store and transmit this data to other chips and “computers”. Bill gates invented DOS, and later windows, to give users a graphical interface to run programs without any knowledge of programming ergo selling billions of copies and getting so dam rich.

My college life consisted of an entrance into politics and law.. but shortly after starting i began taking courses on the latest languages to do what would normally take months programming in days. Basic (of which i was already affluent), C,C+ and later visual basic, .net, asp.. continuing to the more modern .php, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Inktomi was the first dot-com company I ever worked for. The Inktomi Search Engine Live Advertising Project lasted a few weeks. nothing really notable.. I worked on the advertisement indexing and comparison algorithm before they were acquired by Yahoo! .. it was cool and I met some people who the word brilliant gives no justice to.

I moved my family to whistler in late 2002 after the Inktomi Project and snowboarding the mountains of this quiet little resort community.. only to have the entire world come to visit just 8 years later for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. It was better than i thought it would be .. although most would think that the mountain would be bustling with life and the people of the world rushing to experience the mountain that the Olympians themselves test their skills on .. but Low and Behold. The Mountains were utterly deserted. Needless to say i was on the hill for 10 days straight and got NOTHING done for the entire duration of that incredible event