5 Web Traffic Tricks – Article

Web traffic is the flow of browsers and visitors that goes in and out of your website. The bigger web traffic you get , the higher the chances you can get to make a profit out of your website.

Web traffic is important for websites to function. No particular site will exist without having web traffic; there is no point really of having a site without anyone going in. Owners of a website are continuously running the online business because of the profit they got from the traffic. Even the most optimized site will not be successful without any web traffic.

There so many ways to get a web traffic to your website. Most of them do not require out right money but guarantees to give you profit in time. There are many ways to get good-targeted web traffic as well. The methods are reduced to five ways to get traffic for your website.

• Forums

You can host a forum or community that talks about any subject you can visualize. Search for the forums that can be added to the topic that you wish to promote. Carefully study the entire discussed topic and relate it to the questions asked during the discussion. The discussion can also answer personal questions. Make sure that in every discussion made, you put a small resource box at the end of it to serve as a link to your particular site. You must not advertise other sites, if you advertise it you will be banned from joining the forum. It is necessary to put your bio in every end of your postings. Do not pursue with some of the forums that do not allow the posting of a resource box.

• Facebook

Starting a facebook page for your business is the newest and seemingly easiest as well as one of the most cost effective means of traffic generation out there today.
A Word of advice: Name Your Page Using Your Primary Keywords,
Then tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know. and before you know it..

• Exchange links

This is the most effective way to bring traffic in your website. This is a careful study of all the links shown on the search engines. It is important to secure the sites that are linked to you to have topics same to your website. Traffic is generated if the same subject is seen on the recommendation by the site that you share your subject with. There will be an increased chance of reaching the highest rank with the benefit of linking with other site or search engines. Both sites exchanging links will benefit from this exercise.

• Newsletter

If you have regular visitors, you must send them newsletter regularly. It is either on weekly or monthly basis. This can be a tiring effort, as you will be writing many articles, but with the freelance writers that will offer you free articles, this will never be a problem. You should only put a small resources box after every article. The small box will serve as the link to your site if viewed and clicked by a visitor. Include all your promotions and freebies to the newsletter you will be sending to your regular visitors. This will surely bring much traffic to your website. If your customers like it, they may even recommend you to their friends, relatives and colleagues.

• Traffic exchanges

This is another form of exchange links allowing the member to view each other’s web pages by surfing. By surfing to the web pages, you are gaining points, the more you surf the more points you receive. You are also given an option to gain credits. This will not produce much traffic but it will obtain the names for your visitors by using squeeze pages.

Any of this method will give your website web traffic. These five ways are proven to attract traffic in your website successfully. You can count on an increased web traffic and soon enough, an increase in profits.

Curious What The Most Expensive Keywords In Google’s Adwords Are?


Google AdWords works by bidding for maximizing profits, where the advertisers take part in an auction of keywords for top ad placement. As top ad placement could lead to possible extra clicks. The minimum bid one can make is 5 cents. And as Larry Kim points out, “Google can make up to $50 per click. Despite a diversified product portfolio, advertising on Google sites accounts for the majority of its billions in annual revenue.”

A statement made by Google’s Chief Economist back in September 2009 can perhaps prove as a justification on Google’s part for warning its users about the cost implications, “Your incremental cost per click is how much extra you are paying, on average, for the extra clicks you are getting from your higher bid. When your value per click is higher than your incremental cost per click it makes sense to increase your bid. On the other hand, if your value per click is lower than your incremental cost per click, you probably want to decrease your bid.” I guess, you can’t blame Google solely for the revenue they generate as result of the price we end up paying. If you’ve evaluated bidding highly and $50 per click is going to profit you then its your decision. Google starts the bid at an affordable 5 cent, its your competitors you need to blame for hiking the bid price and not Google.

In addition to that, whilst these industries are ending up paying high sum for their CTC’s an important point to note is, these industries have a dedicated customer traffic inflow. So, these businesses in principle do not mind paying such high value sums. So, who’s to be blamed? Certainly, not Google.
With the increase in the competition, will mean added fight over key words. So, the future looks good for Google as key words will get increasingly more expensive.

Do we Actually Need Social Media?

Social media has enough guru’s!

What with the Social Media thing anyway?! – It’s just an another way to get traffic.. isn’t it?

Who requires visitors anyway? All these mindless consumers following Twitter and Facebook .. they’d just suck up bandwidth of your site! There is plenty of advertising and marketing, directory submissions PPC and the like to drive traffic to your website. Don’t be a sheeple people!

You CAN get visitors without social media or networking!

Can’t keep up?
Twitter and Facebook have been confirmed to generate leads. But what will happen if you have a robust social media campaign? What if you get tons of leads? No… do not be concerned about it. You have far more to do then you can take care of!

You can’t afford it anyway!

Everybody talks about the “affordability” of social media, but accomplishment never comes affordable. Why, even if you have a social media marketing strategy, it will take an hour perhaps two every single morning to implement. – that is.. unless you use platforms like Hootsuite or Socialoomph to track campaigns..

You don’t have to have feedback, lead generation tactics, SEO or Marketing! – you are just fine!

The only thing you need to have to be concerned with is about how consumers view your solutions, services or small business right? So what! if you can get immediate feedback from social media networks? Who needs that? Nobody wants like to hear about how their home business, consumer service, items or services can be enhanced. And anyway, improvement is very overrated. There is a thing to be mentioned for “old school”.. or “I Like My Way!”

Your site is ranking on at least the third page of Google?! Right?!?

Just because social marketing is an important tool for search engines to align you with topics and content .. doesn’t mean it has to be a crucial tool for you! Right?! If you’re on the third page of the Google, and that number one spot isn’t that useful. It only gains about 36% of the visitors for that search! I mean when people talk in social circles, they talk about relationships and friendships. Your personal life is NOT a business enterprise! You are in business to make money, not friends.

If you have a good product, and word will get out on its very own. Aside from that, what can you say in 140 characters or less that you can’t say when someone asks you what you sell?

You know how much weight we put on social media and networking: a lot. Social media marketing is an inexpensive, somewhat uncomplicated way to drive targeted visitors to your web site and achieve leads.

So if someone brings up social networks and asks why they need to use it,. don’t forget the all-crucial sarcastic remark. Why not?

Then, tell them about Purple Turtle Productions Social Media Packages.. we’ll set them straight.